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Is Peppermint Tea Good for Acid Reflux?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a short answer to this question and there are benefits and cons to this delicious drink. Peppermint tea is one of the most popular herbal teas that many people love to drink. The fact that peppermint tea is caffeine-free is one of the primary reasons it is a favorite to people who love taking tea late at night before going to bed. Even though peppermint tea has lots of benefits, many still wonder if peppermint tea good for acid reflux or it just makes this condition worse?

For those who may not know, Acid Reflux is a digestive system complication where acids flow back from the stomach and irritate the food pipe liming. Some of the symptoms of acid reflux include chest pain, sour throat, and persistent heartburn. Most herbal teas are good for smoothening the digestion process and treating most of stomach-related problems. However, peppermint is not recommended for people having acid reflux issues.

Here is why peppermint is not suitable for acid reflux

One of the reasons why peppermint is not ideal for people having this issue is that it relaxes the sphincter muscle between the stomach and the esophagus. Relaxing this muscle gives more room for acids to flow back from the stomach to the esophagus, which further increases the problem.

Yes, peppermint might be soothing for the stomach, but taking it after eating rich meals can trigger heartburns a few minutes after the meal. If you are to drink peppermint, it is best to take it a couple of hours before you have a heavy meal or completely stay from it if you have any Acid Reflux symptoms.

Anyone with digestive complications that trigger heartburns should not consume any products that are flavored with mint because these tend to worsen their situation. Peppermint is good for complications like irritable bowel syndrome, but it is not suitable for any difficulties in the upper section of your stomach.

If you want to neutralize acids in your stomach, drink ginger tea or any other ginger-flavored products because they have a good reputation when it comes to neutralizing acids in the stomach. Whenever you get any symptoms of Acids flux, take a cup of ginger tea, and you will feel the impact a few hours after taking it.

Vegetables, non-acidic fruits, egg whites, healthy fats, and seafood are excellent alternatives for dealing with this issue. One of the best ways to overcome it is by eating foods and drinking teas that don’t any form of acids.

How to properly use peppermint tea

Despite having adverse effects on people having complications related to Acid reflux, you can still enjoy the other benefits of peppermint tea by simply making a few changes in how you take it. Here are some of the tweaks you can use to get the best out of peppermint tea.

  • Take peppermint tea an hour before having your meal. Having this tea earlier before your meals will eliminate the chances of causing any adverse effects after eating.
  • You can also consider having a peppermint-honey-ACV drink in the morning before getting started with your day. Taking a glass of warm water with a drop of peppermint oil, ½ teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar, and one teaspoon of Manuka honey as a mixture at the start of the day will give your digestive system a boost. 

Final thoughts

Yes, peppermint tea has some adverse side effects on people having acid reflux issues. However, it has lots of other benefits that you can enjoy by simply revising how you take this tea. Taking it earlier on in the day or an hour before your meals is one the best ways you can enjoy this tea without getting any adverse side effects related to Acid reflux. If you’re looking for a tea with both ginger and peppermint, then try our refreshing Xenvi Digestion blend and experience all-natural relief.

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