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Why Xenvi?

Indulge your Senses with Functional Wellness Teas Help you Live a Healthier and Happier Life

Our Founder's Story

Our Founder's Story

Stacy Lewis loves to pamper herself and is obsessed with all things wellness-related. Like most of us, during the lockdowns she struggled with anxiety and high levels of stress. Combine this with turning to unhealthy foods for comfort, and it all began to take a toll on her body that wasn’t sustainable. There had to be a guilt-free way to feel better!

She resolved to launch her own functional wellness tea line that could make her feel good from the inside out. What she ended up with was tea that could be enjoyed as an everyday luxury. An experience that makes your life a little richer & a little healthier. Xenvi delivers a targeted variety of wellness teas with functional benefits. Even better, the tea blends are made from high-quality, fair trade, all-natural ingredients.

Xenvi offers a variety of tea blends to promote well-being and provide delicious rewards for being healthy. The Digestion Wellness Blend is an invigorating, natural blend of green teas that soothe the stomach and help it function more effectively. The Focus Wellness Blend touts balanced properties that help support alertness while healing the body. It also contains mild caffeine which has been shown to boost concentration and energy levels over time. And finally, the Relax Wellness Blend is a blend of calming teas that helps its users unwind with balancing effects for both body and mind. These health-promoting blends create tasty drinks for any occasion

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Manufactured in the USA with worldwide ingredients.

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