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Why Xenvi?

Indulge your Senses with Functional Wellness Teas Help you Live a Healthier and Happier Life

Our Story

When the COVID lockdowns took hold and we were shut inside, we found ourselves overindulging way too often. The effort to seek comfort through unhealthy foods and beverages took a toll on our bodies and it wasn’t sustainable. There had to be a guilt-free way to feel better.

We have always been believers in the power of tea, but we struggled to find the right balance of great flavors and feel-good benefits. Consumers don’t have time to source exotic markets searching for elusive tea leaves and blends. We wanted to make the perfect combination of delicious and benefit-packed teas that we could feel good about drinking.

What we ended up with was tea that could be enjoyed as an everyday luxury. An experience that makes your life a little richer & a little healthier. Xenvi delivers a targeted variety of wellness teas with functional benefits. Our teas blends are made from high-quality, fair trade, all-natural ingredients.

We take pride in the tea we produce and plan to continue delivering convenient beverages that don’t just taste good but are good for us.

Ginger tea
Benefit Packed


Naturally Delicious
Organic Ingredients

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Have a question about our 100% natural teas? Or maybe you just want to talk about how our teas make you feel. We’re here for either way. Reach out to us today!

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Manufactured in the USA with worldwide ingredients.

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