About Our Tea

Looking for the perfect tea?  Look no further and enjoy the benefits of our premium teas made from the highest quality, essential ingredients.


Equipped with organic chamomile, rosehip, and blackberry leaves – our Relax blend is great when you want to wind down and quiet your mind.


Stay alert and ready for what’s next with our invigorating Focus organic green tea blend. This tea is delicate and subtle in flavor.


Calm and soothe your stomach naturally with our Digestion tea blend. Containing orange peel, ginger, and peppermint, your tummy will surely thank you!

Hemp - Cranberry Hibiscus

Infused with 10 mg of hemp extract, Cranberry Hibiscus is a potent blend of whole cranberries, hibiscus petals, elderberries, black currants, and rooibos for a berry sensation that is crisp, tart, and bursting with flavor. This tea is fabulous iced with a fresh slice of orange.

Hemp - Citrus Charmolie

Infused with 10 mg hemp extract, Citrus Chamomile is a potent blend of soothing chamomile and hibiscus paired with orange peel and citrus essences for a refreshing burst of flavor.


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